2,500t crawler for Mammoet

Dutch international crane and heavy lift company Mammoet has taken delivery of its first 2,500 tonne Liebherr LR 12500-1.0 crawler crane.

The crane was announced in 2022, with the first unit delivered to Sarens last April. It boasts a variety of boom, jib and counterweight configurations, including the heavy duty wide ‘High Performance' Boom which has a maximum length of 120 metres and can be extended to 156 metres by adding luffing jib sections on top. A 162 metre main boom configuration is also possible. The maximum tip height of around 210 metres is achieved with 100 metres of main boom and a 108 metre luffing jib. The massive crane has a working width of 14.9 metres, while the tracks are 18.55 metres long and 3.18 metres high. If you have not already seen it check the video below of the first unit being shipped, assembled and then making its first lift.
The LR 12500 in Mammoet livery

The crane’s derrick boom and suspended ballast pallet come from the 3,000 tonne LR 13000 as do most of the counterweight slabs. It also adopts the LR13000’s B0 version allowing it to operate without derrick ballast. The variable suspended ballast radius is infinitely adjusted by the crane management system.
The LR 12500 is powered by two Liebherr six cylinder diesels with a redundant design, in order ensure availability in the case of a breakdown or servicing.

Mammoet said: “Energy projects in the nuclear and oil and gas sectors increasingly rely heavily on high capacity lifting equipment which helps reduce the cost and build time on new construction projects. Offshore wind turbine components are rapidly growing in weight, with nacelles of 1,000 tonnes now in the planning stage, along with tower sections of 2,000 tonnes and jackets and monopiles of 3,000 tonnes. Companies across the sector need peace of mind that these massive components can be transported and lifted into position.”
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