First LR12500-1.0 for Sarens

Belgian international crane and heavy haulage contractor Sarens has ordered the first 2,500 tonne Liebherr LR 12500-1.0 crawler crane which was unveiled earlier this week.

The company says that it expects it to be mostly employed in the renewable energy sector, on jobs such as handling offshore wind turbine components.
The bare prototype of the new Liebherr LR 12500-1.0

Liebherr says that it consulted widely with customers in the heavy lift market regarding the development of the new crane, which is expected to set the general parameters for any new heavy crawlers. Sarens believes that there is a great deal of potential for a new crane that fills the 1,650 tonne gap in the Liebherr product line between the 1,350 tonne LR 11350 and the 3,000 tonne LR 13000.

Managing director Carl Sarens said: “The high lifting capacity of the LR 12500-1.0 is the outstanding feature for us. The new crane will enable us to close the gap between our crawler and ringer cranes. We are particularly focussing on jobs in renewables for the new 2,500 tonne crane. Handling offshore wind turbines at ports is also becoming a much more important business segment and the weights of components continues to rise.”
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