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New crane company unveils RT

A new crane manufacturer - PC Produzioni, an affiliate of Manotti Srl based in Boretto, Emilia Romagna, Italy, – will launch a 50 tonne RT crane at SAIE later this month.

PC Produzioni, has until now offered a range of track mounted mini dumpers, while Manotti, based at the same premises in Boretto, (north east of Parma), has been a fabrication subcontractor for companies such as Lionlift, for which it producing the Galaxy truck mounted work platforms, and many of Italy’s crane and telehandler producers, building everything from booms to chassis and superstructures.
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The ARM500 unveiled at PC Produzioni's premises in Boretto

The Manotti family is behind the new venture, along with a number of ex-employees from Euro Rigo and, from what we understand, Orlando Ferrari of Palfinger Italia is also involved. The company has already sold the first four units of its 50 tonne ARM 500 Rough Terrain with units going to Portugal and the Middle East as well as locally.

The new cranes will be at least roughly based on the EuroRigo designs, and you can expect the ARM500 superstructure to appear on an All Terrain chassis along with a 30 and an 80 tonne model sometime next year.

The ARM500 is rated for 50 tonnes at three metres radius, and features a 35.3 metre full power four section boom – no details of any extensions of jibs have been issued. The crane is 2.55 metres wide, with an overall height of 3.36 metres, it has a GVW of 32 tonnes and is powered by an Iveco Diesel with a top speed of 35kph and 40 percent gradeability.
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The ARM500 from PC Produzioni

Outrigger spread is 6.2 metres, but a partial extension load chart is also available with an outrigger spread of 4.28 metres.

Maximum on rubber capacity is 18.9 tonnes, but pick & carry is limited to 12.9 tonnes.

Vertikal Comment

There are a number of really solid fabrication and assembly subcontractors in Italy what supply the numerous manufacturers of all types of equipment. In the past year or two there has been a tendency for the larger and better structured subcontractors to ‘come out’ and produce the equipment themselves.

Bluelift, the spider lift manufacturer is a classic case of this, with the pressure on the companies who assemble, or sometimes just market and support, such products increasing with the economic slowdown we can expect to see more of this.

In effect the subcontractors are taking the line that they can do a better job than the companies they supply, while avoiding a dual margin and the increased financial risk of working through what is effectively a middle man.