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June 2023 – Vol. 25, Issue 3 All terrain cranes (PDF, 1.22 MB)
Tadano’s acquisition and integration of Demag has reduced the number of mainstream manufacturers to three, yet at the same time Chinese crane manufacturers have started looking seriously at the market and are working hard to refine their European All Terrain products…

June 2022 – Vol. 24, Issue 3 All terrain cranes (PDF, 902 KB)
In Europe the All Terrain crane has been the mainstay of most crane rental fleets for more than 30 years. We take a brief look at the development of the two and three axle models as well as the changing face of the sub 55 tonne mobile crane sector which used to make up around 70 percent of the market.

September/October 2021 – Vol. 23, Issue 5 All Terrains (PDF, 989.19 KB)
Will North reports on the 60 to 80 tonne All Terrain crane market. Forming the core of many crane rental fleets, the three and four axle cranes are designed with a close eye on roadability and flexible use.

November 2020 – Vol. 22, Issue 8 All Terrain (PDF, 742.18 KB)
In our second instalment of the 100 to 180 tonne All Terrain crane market, Will North takes a look at the latest cranes in the 130 to 180 tonne range. While some models target taxi crane work it also marks the point where five axle carriers become standard, with most models designed for project work.

October 2020 – Vol. 22, Issue 7 All Terrain cranes (PDF, 1004.09 KB)
In the first of two instalments looking at the 100 to 180 tonne All Terrain crane market, Will North looks at the choices available in the 100 to 120 tonne class and talks to leading manufacturers about the considerations driving their latest developments.

October 2019 – Vol. 21, Issue 7 All Terrain cranes (PDF, 1.15 MB)
The All Terrain market continues to evolve with manufacturers introducing a raft of new models with new features and developments, including increased levels of new technology. We take a look at the major changes that have occurred over the past 12 months and the developing trends.