October 2019

Vol. 21, Issue 7

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Terex launches hydraulic luffer, New president for IPAF, Mammoet unveils Focus details, New National Crane boom truck, New 34m platform from Rosenbauer, New Airo boom lift, Versalift unveils 16.6m 3.5t van mount, Tadano’s new factory, New Genie scissors, HF and TraX boom lifts, Wolffkran buys into fibre rope start up and financials round-up.

All Terrain cranes (PDF, 1.15 MB)
The All Terrain market continues to evolve with manufacturers introducing a raft of new models with new features and developments, including increased levels of new technology. We take a look at the major changes that have occurred over the past 12 months and the developing trends.

Orlando Mota interview (PDF, 415.41 KB)
Manitowoc has started to merge elements of its Grove mobile and Potain tower crane businesses in Europe. While the two crane lines will remain independent they now share a leader in Orlando Mota - senior vice president Europe & Africa. C&A editor Mark Darwin spoke with him about his plans.

Truck mounted lifts (PDF, 1.18 MB)
The truck mounted platform market has seen more than its fair share of development over the past few years in terms of new technology and the adoption of new materials. We take a look at market trends and developments.

Outrigger mats (PDF, 686.21 KB)
The use of outrigger and crawler crane mats and spreader plates has increased exponentially particularly in Europe so why are we still seeing so many ground related overturns that could so easily have been avoided? C&A investigates.

Technology and rental software (PDF, 506.54 KB)
The pace of ‘technology’ change is moving at an eye watering rate, accelerated by the increased ability of mobile devices and high speed connectivity. Manufacturers have been building the latest technology into their new models, however it is in order to get the most out of it companies need to ensure that it integrates with good rental management software.

Genie unveils new lifts (PDF, 443.47 KB)
Last month Genie unveiled several new scissor lifts along with new ‘High Float’ and TraX booms and user accessories at its facility in Redmond, Washington as well as providing some insight into its future plans. C&A’s Mark Darwin was there.


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