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December/January 2023 – Vol. 24, Issue 8 UK & Ireland rental rate guide (PDF, 2.87 MB)
Post pandemic the crane, access and telehandler rental companies are facing rising equipment and fuel costs and long lead times for new machines. Our survey highlights the impacts on rates and companies’ ability to cover these costs. Find out in this year’s comprehensive survey of the UK and Ireland rental companies.

December/January 2022 – Vol. 23, Issue 8 The Rental Rate Guide (PDF, 3.68 MB)
As companies recover from the pandemic and face a massive jump in inflation, are they managing to reflect these challenges in their rental rates or are they continuing with the old ways of rate cutting? Find out in this year’s comprehensive survey of UK and Ireland crane, access and telehandler rental companies.

December/January 2021 – Vol. 22, Issue 9 Rental rate guide (PDF, 3.43 MB)
In the 20 years of compiling our annual UK and Ireland rental rate survey this one has to stand out as one of the strangest given the current pandemic, although perhaps the industry fared better than most in 2020?

December/January 2020 – Vol. 21, Issue 9 Rental rate guide (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Our 18th annual rental rate guide and confidence survey has generally seen all three markets we cover suffering a little with rental rates coming under pressure. Find facts in this year’s comprehensive survey.

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