December/January 2023

Vol. 24, Issue 8

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Bigger flat top from Potain, CTE launches future of ‘Zed’, Genie’s 60ft DC & FE telescopics go global, EuropeLift’s new 21m trailer lift, 18ft JLG mast lifts, New Genie GTH-1256, XCMG ships second 600t tower crane, New CEO for Tadano Europe, Europe’s first 186ft Zoomlion ZT58J, NMT crane sale results, Versalift UK to distribute Bluelift, NWP charging for recharging and financials round-up…

Aluminium truck cranes (PDF, 970.64 KB)
The ‘aluminium’ truck and trailer crane concept is steadily gaining traction in several European markets thanks to their cost effectiveness for lifting loads such as roof trusses, air conditioning units and solar panels. Mounted on a commercial chassis, they cost less than All Terrains and benefit from lower running costs. We chat with Alexander Böcker, of market leading manufacturer Böcker as well as profiling two companies running aluminium truck cranes in their fleets.

UK & Ireland rental rate guide (PDF, 2.87 MB)
Post pandemic the crane, access and telehandler rental companies are facing rising equipment and fuel costs and long lead times for new machines. Our survey highlights the impacts on rates and companies’ ability to cover these costs. Find out in this year’s comprehensive survey of the UK and Ireland rental companies.

Access in aviation (PDF, 772.56 KB)
Now that air travel restrictions have been lifted in most parts of the world, it is high fuel costs and the weak economic outlook that are most affecting the global airline industry. However, ensuring aircraft are fully operational with minimal downtime is absolutely critical meaning using methods to satisfy safety and maintenance requirements in as short a time as possible is essential. We take a look at some of the solutions.

Look back at 2022 (PDF, 1.54 MB)
Global inflation and rising costs exacerbated by the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, incompetent government - mainly in the UK but elsewhere too - and weather extremes as average temperatures continued to rise means that 2022 was a year not easily forgotten. We review both the industry and world highlights of another very eventful year!


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