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September 2023 – Vol. 25, Issue 5 Loader cranes (PDF, 1.07 MB)
No matter what numbers you look at knuckle boom loader crane sales continue to grow at an impressive pace. The sector has, without question, the most acronyms and abbreviations for crane features of any type of equipment on the market. While it is quite confusing, it demonstrates the incredible level of innovation and technology that is helping the market to expand. We review some of the latest developments.

September 2022 – Vol. 24, Issue 5 Loader cranes (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Loader cranes are the workhorses of the lifting and logistics industry covering a wide range of applications from simple deliveries to critical lifts in congested spaces. Will North rounds up some of the latest developments and innovations.

July/August 2021 – Vol. 23, Issue 4 Loader cranes (PDF, 1.2 MB)
With the development and spread of knuckleboom loader cranes continuing at a relentless rate, Will North reviews some key innovations before examining how these adaptable cranes are increasingly being used to great effect within the arborist sector.

June 2020 – Vol. 22, Issue 4 Articulated loader cranes (PDF, 1.32 MB)
In all the years we have covered the loader crane market, we have never profiled Dutch company Hyva. We remedy that in this issue and find it something of a dark horse with global sales putting it among the top four producers. Transport specialist Mark Carrington takes a look at the pros and cons of mounting loader cranes on articulated trucks.

June 2019 – Vol. 21, Issue 4 Loader cranes (PDF, 817.55 KB)
For many years the market leaders in the articulated loader crane market - Palfinger, Hiab and Fassi - have remained unchallenged although it has not all been plain sailing. When it comes to the larger articulated cranes however, a number of manufacturers from Turkey have developed a speciality for very large knuckle boom crane models that bear little relationship to the everyday loader crane.