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Another lattice boom backflip

The lattice boom of a foundation crane went over the back of the crane in an accident in Singapore today.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident which occurred on a site near the Ten Mile Junction station in Bukit Panjang, North central Singapore.
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The scene in Singapore earlier today

The boom of the Weserhütte crane appears to have flipped over backwards after the equipment it was using broke free, causing a sudden unloading of the boom.
The boom fell across the rear end of a Bauer piling crane working behind it, with the boom nose ending up in a canal. That’s all we have.


Good Afternoon Friends at Vertikal,

As this is yet another example of a Crawler Crane Jib flipping backwards over the crane itself ( Two such incidents reported in two weeks) : There is really only one or two explanations for this unsafe act, either……

a. Crane Driver left the Derricking Hoist Rope lever locked in position, inadvertantly or deliberate ?
b. He was attempting to withdraw a Pile by incorrect use of the Derricking Rope, which due to the way the Rope is reeved around a multiplicity of sheaves, exerts far greater Line pull ( Than the Hoist Rope) and attempts to stretch the Jib Pendant Ropes ?

But if the Pile suddenly breaks free, then the Pendant Ropes already under great tension then return to normal and in doing so the flick the Jib backwards. Throwing it over the top of the machine like an enormously long and very heavy pendulum, possibly killing anyone standing at the rear.

Given that the other machine depicted on the right of picture is a Bauer Bored Piling Rig, with the Auger visible just in front of the right track, I leave it to Readers to draw your own conclusions, as hopefully will the HSE Inspector investigating this dangerous incident and potentially fatal ?

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby BA

Jun 4, 2011