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Texas outrigger accident?

A large mobile crane went over somewhere in Texas last week, from what, looking at the photographs, appears to be obvious reasons. From what we understand no one was injured in the incident.
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The boom looks as though it is serously damaged

The photos were sent to us by a reader who has said little about the accident apart from observing that the rear outriggers do not appear to have been extended and there is no counterweight in place.

The accident apparently occurred on November 18th although we have no firm confirmation of this date.

It is hard to imagine that such a large crane would be subject to such an obvious and avoidable accident. The crane’s owner Ray Anthony International is a highly experienced operator in the crane business.. It just does not figure that the accident was caused by something so basic as outriggers and/or counterweight, in spite of the apparent visual evidence to the contrary.
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The accident is said to have occured on a site in Texas

We have contacted Anthony for a comment and details of the incident that might help others and will publish the information as soon as we receive it.


aram malek
Merry Christmas.

You need Professionals not labeurs to assemble - set up the crane and operate it.
Safety first should know that.

Nov 28, 2010

Mark Krajci
The operator had a NCCCO?
The license still doesn't prevent dumb mistakes by personnel in a hurry or thinking they know more than the manufacturer.
This was just dumb!!!

Nov 25, 2010