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Kimberly introduces anti-entrapment device

Kimberly Access has become the latest access rental company to introduce an electronic anti-entrapment device

The company has no plans to market the device which it is calling the Sky Alarm to others and has simply purchased the system from a local supplier who has adapted it from existing proximity/crushing devices.
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Kimberly's Sky Alarm electronic anti-entrapment device

The device is similar in principle to Lavendon’s Sky Siren and JLG’s Sky Guard in that it uses a pressure switch/sensor bar in front of the control panel which stops the machine and sets off an alarm and flashing light if activated.

A flyer from the company says that it can be quickly and easily reset from the platform in the case of inadvertent activation and that it is tamperproof and will fit most current boom lifts.

Kimberly had previously selected the AFI Sanctuary Zone as a simpler solution for jobs which presented entrapment risks, however recent developments have clearly obliged it to go back to a cut-out system for which it obtained CE approval last week. It now intends to fit the device to all of its boom lifts and has no plans to charge a specific fee for it.

Vertikal Comment

We have already commented fully on this subject in previous articles and editorials so further comment would be redundant.

With devices like this set to become almost standard equipment in the UK over the next few years, one just hopes that it does not give contractor personnel a false sense of security. The HSE and IPAF are both adamant that a proper risk assessment is required and selection of the right machine for the job and that non single anti-entrapment device will protect users in all circumstances.


We would like to have article explaining different technology pros and cons with future expectations . May be you can involve manufacturer to see the challenges , users expectations old fatality data and HSE point of view finally, world from legislation about when it is expected to be standard feature in lifting platform

Aug 7, 2013

Dog eat Dog
Well, I like SkySiren the $6 million dollar Lavendon BlueSky acquisition,
I also like SkyGuard the $4 billion dollar JLG company’s solution,
But on the other hand..
I like SkyAlert the Hi-Reach 360 degree car reversing adaption,
And then again..
I like Kimberly’s lift door anti-crushing contraption,
But which one is best.....
There is only one way to find out

Dec 18, 2012

vertikal editor
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Dec 17, 2012

vertikal editor
Response emailed into our offices

I refer to the mischievous comment regarding the joysticks. For the record the machine used in the photo is a Haulotte which is in the process of being rebuilt in our refurbishment centre in Pontefract.

Ray Ledger
Kimberly Group

Dec 17, 2012

Roman Heindl
It will be good as well to repair the 2 itt joysticks. As well a safety feature!!

Dec 17, 2012