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Reaching the top floor

Spotted on a block of local authority apartments in South East England, a window cleaner risking it all on a pitched roof four storeys up in search of that perfect shine.

Complete with grey skies, droplets of water clinging to the trees, and a windblown plant pot, this man really hasn't picked the right day for this sort of foolery. A lone seagull has even stopped off to see what how he fares.
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Cleaning the fourth floor windows in the wet

Perhaps having believed the myths that ladders are now banned he thinks this method might be safer, and not a harness in sight. And yet he looks positively petrified. Definitely one for our Death Wish Series.
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Our man does not look totally comfortable

From all at Vertikal, have a safe weekend.


Andy Stewart
And just when you think you've seen it all, I've just watched a bunch of Cowboys fitting Roller Shutters to an Asda Store In Ramsgate trying to use a GS-1932 as a crane by attaching a sling to the side rail and lift a roller shutter that was too heavy. Last night they were Grinding steel work right above the shop door as customers were walking in and out ! This must explain why a lot of this type of work is done outside of normal hours as there is no one there with any common sense to prevent this type of thing.

Feb 20, 2016