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Tadano unveils new 40t AT

Tadano has launched the two axle 40 tonne AC 2.040-1, after seeing a brief glimpse of it at the company’s customer open day last September - See: Cranes & Access 23.5 Page 38. It is the first All Terrain crane to be developed jointly by Tadano’s Lauf and Zweibrücken (Demag) teams.

The company says that it has used the best technology from each plant, for example the cabs have been developed from the former Demag cranes, while the chassis fabrications, superstructure and drivetrain come from Tadano Lauf.
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The new Tadano AC 2.040-1

The new crane is rated at three metres and can handle up to 35.2 tonnes without extra sheaves. It features a 35.2 metre four section full hydraulic main boom' Capacity on the fully extended boom is 7.6 tonnes with a radius of eight metres, while the maximum radius is 32 metres with 900kg. The boom can be extended by a nine metre swingaway extension which manually offsets by up to 40 degrees. Maximum tip height is 47.5 metres with a six tonne load, while the maximum radius is 38 metres with 500kg.
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The first of a new generation of Tadano ATs

The AC 2.040-1 can carry up to 1.1 tonnes of counterweight, hook blocks and rigging within 12 tonne axle loads, or for markets such as the UK which allow axle loads up to 16 tonnes, the new crane can travel with its maximum 6.5 tonnes of counterweight as well as the swingaway and extra rigging. The overall length is 11.4 metres, while the chassis has an overall length of 9.22 metres. Overall height it 3.59 metres. Power comes from a Cummins Stage V diesel.

The outrigger spread is variable from 2.4 to six metres, with the company’s Flex Base system, with automatic monitoring of individual beam extensions and outrigger loadings. The information is fed into the IC 1 Plus control system which also includes automatic counterweight detection, a capacity radar which automatically calculates a load chart and working envelope. It also incorporates the full Tadano telematics suite with information displayed on the in-cab screens.
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The new crane includes Tadano’s Flex Base outrigger set up

The superstructure cab tilts by up to 16 degrees and features the new Tadano Surround View camera system, which shows both the maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers and the counterweight tailswing radius making it easier set up in restricted spaces to provide the optimum capacities. On the road the system provides improved visibility of pedestrians and cyclists when turning.

The new crane is also fully compatible with the company’s E-Pack electric power option, with zero emissions and low noise levels for working indoors or during the night in residential areas. When it goes into production, the chassis will be manufactured in Lauf while the superstructure build and final assembly will take place in Zweibrücken.
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The 35.2m full power boom

Frank Schröder vice president of All Terrain crane product development said: This launch is really special for us as the new AC 2.040-1 is the first crane to combine the best of our two worlds with the know-how from Zweibrücken and Lauf. It is the first crane in the new Tadano AC family. And all future models will share the same DNA with the AC 2.040-1 including a standardised crane control system, cab and technologies.”

The crane is the first of 15 new models under development for launch over the next few years, possibly with some appearing at Vertikal Days in May and Bauma in October.

The videos below show the machine in action

Vertikal Comment

This looks like a tidy machine, but given the limitations of building a 40 tonne crane on two axles, it does not offer any earth shattering differentiation to the only mainstream competitor - the Liebherr LTM 1040-2.1. It does though have a little more capacity in some key areas and it does feature the latest technology and a titling superstructure cab.

The big question is will this new model improve the uptake for this size of All Terrain? It could well be joined by Manitowoc which has mentioned the launch of a new two axle Grove model, which must be due later this year or next.

The main thing for Tadano is that this new crane represents the first fruits of its combined European engineering departments which will set the tone for the other 15 units it has in the pipeline.


Iguess it refers when Tadano bought Demag mobile cranes business..

Feb 26, 2022

The launch of this new combined unit has to be spot on, if Tadano really do want to show they can compete with Liebherr then now is the time, I pray it will be the turning point, closing the Tankersley depot down was a backwards step, let's hope the new product is worthy of the Tadano name.

Feb 25, 2022

Still don't know who bought who..

Feb 25, 2022