Whiplash Charlie

Spotted online, a video of an unidentified tree surgeon from San Bernadino, California, using a novel method to bring down a large palm tree in September 2020. He starts by removing the top, but is then taken for a wild whiplash ride as he clings to the trunk for dear life as it whips back and forth.

The arborist has climbed the 30 metre branchless tree trunk, armed with a chain saw and amazing grip strength, but may not have fully considered the full repercussions of his methodology.

click here to watch the video
It seems that he got away with it this time. Although we have heard that he is a regular user of this technique, although the others on site were clearly unaware. One of these days his grip may fail him.

So still one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


All of this people wearing money at the Luna park. And this one gets paid for waaay more fun... Meh...

Jul 21, 2023