Chassis snap

Spotted by a reader on Tik Tok, a video of a crane incident in which a six axle Zoomlion All Terrain crane collapsed due to the chassis literally snapping in two.

We have no idea when or where the incident occurred, the crane appears to belong to Chinese power transmission group Yi Ding Power. And was set up on outriggers, but the operator had yet to install the main counterweight - although it was placed on the deck in preparation for installation. Oddly though the seven section boom was fully extended over the front and the Superlift system installed.
The boom was fully extended

Chassis snapping in this manner are quite a rare occurrence, we have only seen it two or three times before – bent chassis when lifting over the front used to be quite common, but rarely a clean break like this – and usually with very old cranes where fatigue had may have been a factor.

We will update this item if and when we learn more.

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That is a ZAT5000H belongs to Yi Ding Power company in Hebei Province in China.

Jan 3, 2024

Ballast still on the deck and lifting over the front with full boom and superlift.
Something had to give in the middle.

Jan 1, 2024