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Sarens to launch heavy lift crane

Belgian based international lifting specialist Sarens is launching a 3,250 tonne 120,000 tonne/metre heavy lift crane of its own design, the SGC 120. It can handle a massive 600 tonnes at 100 metres radius.
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The SGC120 has up to 130 metres of main boom

The crane is a classic ringer design slewing on a double ring track system which sits on a load bearing mat system. The resulting ground bearing pressures are under 20 tonnes /square metre, virtually eliminating any special ground preparation requirements.

The outer ring has a 38.5 metre diameter or just over 44 metres to the edge of the load bearing mats that the two rings sit on.
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The crane's slewing bogies emply multiple rollers to help keep ground bearing pressure down

The main boom is a twin boom design with a maximum length of 130 metres, with twin back masts. A 90 metre luffing jib can be added with a massive 68 metre jib pendant to ensure good fully luffed capacities.

The crane ships in 135 standard 40ft containers and when in position has up to
3,600 tonnes of counterweight which is made up of specially reinforced 40ft containers which are filled with locally sourced materials.
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The Sarens SGC120

The SGC120 uses up to six high power winches rather than strand jacks, with 61 tonnes of line pull and line speeds of up to 20 metres/minute making it more akin to a heavy lift crane than some other lifting machines of this size.

For applications requiring frequent movement the crane can be mounted on dual track rail system laid out to suit the job site.

Set up requires a 300 tonne and 200 tonne crawler cranes, a 100 tonne telescopic crane a 10 and a 20 metre boom lift, a 10 tonne fork truck and a team of riggers. Time required for unloading and erecting is around 20 days.

Sarens has designed the SGC120 to European and American crane and lifting standards, including ASCE 7, ASME-B 30, ASME-NQA-1, 2.15 and EN 13001-1 & 2.

A number of international patents have been applied for and the crane is planned to be ready to start work in early 2011.

Vertikal Comment

We do not have sufficient detail yet to fully evaluate this crane but it looks as though it will be a very solid alternative to the recent introductions from Mammoet and ALE.

We do understand that the concept had been in development for some time with Rigging International which Sarens acquired last June. Sarens also has experience in the design and build of specialist lifting equipment. With the other products in this category all built by its competitors it most likely felt obliged to follow suit if it was to remain competitive at the top end of the heavy lift market?


Studio Boule
Hereby the official movie concerning the construction and heavy tests of the crane: or

Jun 13, 2012

Dave Selvers
Re.the tree that claimed the Liebeherr A/T. One individual made reference to the missing front outrigger but I think he could be mistaken about some obvious miscalculations. If one takes a close look one will notice that the boom is laying flat on the ground with the operator cab straight up in the air. It appears as though the operator was luffing at an excessive speed and failed to stop it from going over backwards or slow it gradually as to prevent a "shock stop"?

Dave Canada

Apr 4, 2010