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Mast climber collapse

A large mast climbing work platform collapsed yesterday on the State University of New York campus in Binghamton, New York.

The platform comprised two twin mast rigs linked together to create a very long four mast unit with a platform in the region of 40 metres long with long cantilevers at each end.
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The centre section of the four mast set up gave way

The long – possibly 10 metres or so – centre section appears to have given way and crashed to the ground from the fifth storey. Five men were hurt in the fall, one of the seriously.

The Hydro Mobile mast climber whish we understand is operated by LeChase Construction Services, is working on the East Campus Housing project which will become the Delaware Hall Residential Community.
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A closer look at what happened

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has taken over the investigation to find out what cased the collapse. A number of people interviewed by the local TV station said that the platform was clearly overloaded with both people and lumber. However Hydro Mobile mast climbers are high capacity units and designed to handle heavy loads.

As a result of the accident and the investigation the site was shutdown until further notice.