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Outriggers give way under big crane

A 450 tonne All Terrain crane went over on a wind farm in Denmark last week dropping the rotor blades of a turbine it was helping to repair.

The crane, a Grove GMK7450 was owned by Krangården was lowering the turbine’s rotor blades to the ground on a farm near Holland Mountain in the northernmost end of Norddjurs in East Jutland, Denmark, when the crew felt the crane lose stability.
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The rotor blades will not be used again

The outriggers on one side sank deep into the soft ground causing the big crane to go over. Fortunately no one was hurt.
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Clearly a case of the mats being too small for the job

The accident occurred on Monday March 14th in the evening, as the work crew were working to replace a gearbox – taking advantage of the low winds.


Mark Krajci
It's to bad to see this happen but it shows -
One can never be too sure about the ground conditions. It is always better to over mat under the crane then to have too little!
Think First - Be Safe!

Mar 26, 2011
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