Pictures of the 3,600 tonne Sany

A couple of our readers have sent us information and photographs of the new 3,600 tonne Sany SCC86000TM crawler crane.
The crane was unveiled at a company celebration

The crane looks like a combination of the Terex CC8800 Twin and Manitowoc’s model 31000. It uses a twin boom and twin derrick mast but employs four sets of tracks in a similar way to the Manitowoc.
The new crane uses four tracks in the style of Manitowoc's 31000

We are still lacking a great deal of detail, but some of the photos we have seen show a four tracked carriage which looks as though it might be a super-lift counterweight carrier.
The massive crane looks like it might have a tracked counterweight that can be added

That is about all of the detail we have at this point, Sany has been asked to provide more information but has so far not responded to our calls or correspondence.

Vertikal Comment

This is not the most elegant crane we have seen and does look like it may have been designed a little rapidly with too much reference to existing product? But that is just our opinion.

In the crane industry the old adage is “If it looks right it will almost certainly be right” The opposite is almost truer than the original. Enough said.
As soon as we have more details we will add to this article


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