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First Nifty Hybrid in Norway

Norwegian rental company Drammen Lift Utleie, of Drammen to the south west of Oslo, has purchased the first Niftylift Hybrid lift in Norway, though Nifty’s distributor. Gantic.

The new boom lift, a 50ft/15 metre platform height HR17 4x4, is equipped with the innovative diesel/electric hybrid power system, that allows the machine to work as a pure diesel or a full battery electric model. At the same time the powerful electric motors cut to join forces with the smaller diesel engine to provide plenty of raw power, at the same time as cutting fuel consumption by up to 50 percent.
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Willem van Der Mey of Drammen Lift Utleie and the first Nifty Hybrid in Norway

The HR17 Hybrid 4x4’s low overall weight at only 4,750kg also helps it to get more power from a smaller engine and make it easier to transport. At the same time its compact dimensions make it ideal model for confined spaces.

The new engine and latest exhaust system substantially reduces the emission of CO/NOx particles and noise. The new lift is also equipped with Nifty’s SiOPS control panel safety system, which detects significant pressure both on the platform and on the operator. If a crush situation is detected, the machine will shut down. Enabling the operator to evaluate the situation, react safely and extract himself form the situation.

Gantic said “the Niftylift HR17 Hybrid 4x4 expresses all the best aspects of Niftylift´s design philosophy, which combines advanced power technology and 4x4 drive system, its compact, low-weight and highly manoeuvrable lift, without affecting its user-friendliness, reliability and safety.”