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Tower crane collapse in Singapore

A man was seriously injured on Friday when the jib of a luffing jib tower crane came down in Singapore.

The crane was working on a site next to the National University Hospital site on South Buona Vista Road, when the failure occured. At this stage we do not know what caused it, but clearly the luffing hoist gear or cables are the most likely culprit.
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The crane's jib is recovered with two large telescopics

The Ministry of Manpower said that preliminary investigations showed that the crane's jib collapsed while lifting a bucket full of concrete and that it came down on the injured man who is in intensive care. Work on the site was suspended.

We are told that the crane in question is a large Linden Comansa unit. The jib and counterweight have now been fully removed and the site is expected to resume work today.
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One of the cranes lifted a man basket