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Hiab launches XS544

Hiab has launched its new Hiab XS 544, a 51 tonne/metre loader crane with a total reach of between 15 and 25 metres, depending on the number of extensions.

It can also be fitted with a jib with up to six extensions for a maximum tip height of 35 metres.

Features include Hiab’s HiPro automatic smooth handling system, 360 degree continuous slewing, a variable pump and improved fuel economy.
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The Hiab XS544 loader crane

Product manager for heavy cranes Sergio Peiró, who was heavily involved in the creation of the new crane said: "To make a great crane you first need to understand the enormous demands placed on today's hauliers. When we talk to our customers around the world it soon becomes clear that our job is to provide them with efficiency, speed and precision."

“A crane operator's workplace usually entails many people and vehicles on the move in constantly changing surroundings. It's in this environment that operators lift heavy loads sometimes to heights of 20 to 30 metres. The time available for work is often limited by deliveries that must be made within an agreed period. This kind of challenge is a great source of job satisfaction for the best crane operators who take pride in providing excellent service to their customers.”
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The new Hiab XS544

“The fully automatic HiPro system that provides operators with the freedom to concentrate on their work was developed and refined over a period of ten years. HiPro safeguards smooth and fast manoeuvres that allow the operator to confidently place heavy loads.”

"A large crane is a long-term investment for our customers. Our goal is to make their purchase as profitable for them as we can. Total cost of ownership is extremely important for crane operators. Factors such as fuel economy, durability and high quality combined with a global service network are parts of an equation that makes the Hiab XS 544 a great long-term investment.”
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The Hiab XS544 working with long outreach