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Ejar expands its fleet with Liebherr

Dubai-based Ejar Cranes & Equipment has strengthened its crane fleet this year with an order for 10 new Liebherr crawler and All Terrain cranes.

The company has taken delivery of eight crawler cranes, including two 300 tonne LR1300’s and six 300 tonne LR1280’s. Two 130 tonne Liebherr LTM1130-5.1 All Terrain cranes have also been purchased.

The company said the cranes will be used primarily in the energy sectors, such as oil and gas production as well as petrochemicals and infrastructure development. Certain cranes have also been purchased for major infrastructure projects which form an important part of the company’s expansion plans.
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Two Liebherr LR1280's and a LR1300 crawler crane

Ejar’s chief executive Arthur Watt said: "The high performance of Liebherr cranes means that they meet the requirements of our customers in full. Liebherr cranes are known for their reliability and are especially economic in usage. The support from Liebherr is also excellent."

Founded in 2006 Ejar has a fleet of around 250 cranes that operate from branches in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The company has also said it is planning on expanding its fleet further with another order for more Liebherr All Terrain cranes in 2013


Big Stevie
Congratulations to Ejar my former employers in their expansion.
Hope all goes well for the company.

best Regards

Dec 22, 2012