Man in the bucket

Spotted this afternoon in Hendon, Sunderland a man changing a bulb in the yard lights, but not in safest manner.

Rather than bother with a proper platform he has decided to stand in the bucket of a telehandler and put himself at the mercy of the operator. This form of access has a very high failure rate, especially on farms where it is a favourite form of powered access.
The man in the bucket

When our reader approached him and explained the risks he was exposing himself to his reaction was to alert the operator that he was being photographed. Clearly appreciating that this is not a safe or recommended method of working at height.
"Hey Dave! there is a man here taking my photograph!!"

A definite Death Wish

Vertikal Comment

A classic short cut that is OK if nothing goes wrong but catastrophic when it does. This is yet another man relying on being lucky this time round. Trouble is there is often no second time round.

It's one thing this man putting his life on the line and risking screwing his family's life up, but the company owner is also putting his business and his other employees livelihood on the line and all for a light bulb!


Paul Schwarzer
Strange that this scaffold company based on Commercial Road in Hendon, Sunderland states on their website that they 'operate to the highest standards in a high risk industry'!!!!!!

Dec 18, 2012
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