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Sitting it out for charity

A man in Princeton, West Virginia, has said that he will stay in the bucket of a raised aerial lift until he has raised $10,000 to help renovate the currently closed Princeton Renaissance Theatre

Greg Puckett of Community Connections was lifted to a height of around four to five metres on Saturday and has pledged to stay put until the money is raised. The lift has been loaned by local company Sexton Signs.
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Greg Puckett says he is staying in the platform until he has raised k

Speaking to a gathering of the local press he said: "We have had so many stories of people coming and enjoying times here, that we want to bring that back. We want people to feel that attachment and really let this be the revitalisation efforts of Mercer Street. Let this be a catalyst, and if we have that, everything is going to work out."

Anyone wishing to contribute can contact Puckett in the platform on +1 304-922-2558 or contact the offices +1 304-922-2551 or the website at . Anyone who donates will receive special Princeton Renaissance gear.

It might also be an idea if a local work at height specialist pops in and donates some advice on safe working at height – a few of the photos we have seen are borderline Death Wishes!!


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