Lifterz launches Sky-Loo

UK based rental company Lifterz has added a new accessory, intended to help contractors improve productivity - the Sky-Loo.

The new product, which is likely to prove popular on large scissor lifts, and mast climbers, has been developed in partnership with SiteLav, a leading UK portable toilet/WC supplier based in Laverton, Yorkshire. It is specially modified, lighter weight version of its WC1/4 on person convenience and weighs just 140kg when full, so it can be used on most roll-out platform extensions, leaving the main deck and second extensions free as a work area.

The two companies have worked with UK based notified body PAC to certify a selection of its larger lifts for use with the Sky-Loo attachment, and ensure that it meets all aspects of the EN280 standard. The Sky-Loo also has additional safety features relating to toilets and waste disposal regulations.
Lifterz says that the Sky-Loo attachment can be supplied on all of its higher capacity scissor lifts and takes just 20 minutes to install, with four bolted retaining brackets, holding it firmly in place on the platform floor.
The Lifterz SkyLoo in action

The company said: “Toilet breaks are costing our customers a fortune. When two men are working at height both have to leave the workplace whilst only one needs to attend to a ‘call of nature,’ it becomes expensive. This time adds up significantly. Research shows that two men working at height have an average combined down time of 52 minutes a day on toilet breaks between them, with Mondays being the worst day. Add it up, it is a big loss to productivity and profitability.”

“While this might look like we have just placed a portable toilet on a platform, nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to the CE marking we have to comply with the ‘Confined Spaces While Working at Height’ Regulations 2007 (CSWAH2007) which forced us to fit a panic bar which sets off a siren and blue flashing light so if anyone gets into difficulty whilst in there they can be rescued. The Siren is also connected to an air quality monitor which also can be useful on occasions.”

Click here to see the Sky-Loo in action


Timothy Sherratt
I think someone it taking the pi** with this.

Apr 2, 2014

I now wonder if this does go into production what will be the harness implications?

Apr 1, 2014

I must admit when I first saw this I didn't fully read the comment. I just looked at the picture. I couldn't work out why Malcolm had moved his office onto a scissor lift.

Apr 1, 2014

Very Original April Fools' Day joke. Well done !!

Apr 1, 2014

Tee Hee. This made me laugh so much, I thought how silly and then I realised what day it was, DOH!
It just shows what a great company Lifterz are, running such a successful enterprise but still having the time to have a bit of fun with lavatory jokes and toilet humour.
Even the name Lifterz makes me laugh it is such a clever play on words.
Well done and thank you.

Apr 1, 2014

Martin Cowley
Thanks Malcolm & Ben for your interesting new productivity concept.
Why not have extra decals made to go along side the SKY-LOO sign saying SKY-VING.
Operators could sit and contemplate their navels along with finishing the crossword :)

Apr 1, 2014
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