Banksy duplicates

Less than two months after the mural – Kissing Coppers – by graffiti artist Banksy, was sold at auction for $575,000 a duplicate has been painted in the original painting’s home town of Brighton.

The original was spray painted on the wall of the Prince Albert pub in Brighton, in 2004. The pub wall, complete with its iconic painting, was removed in 2011 and sold to an anonymous buyer in Miami, this February.
The painting was done at night behind screens

The new mural was painted onto the front wall of the derelict Astoria cinema overnight on March 31st,in time for April Fools day. The painter was able to reach the wall thanks to a truck mounted lift from local access rental specialist Facelift.
The new Banksy is on the closed down Astoria cinema/Bingo hall

We understand that the painting took the graffiti artist around an hour or so to complete and was painted behind a make-shift screen. So Brighton still has its Banksy.
The final work - worth 0k??


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