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Kosran seeks investor

Irish security system developer Kosran is seeking an investor for its new access control technology for aerial lifts

The Kosran Safe Access Control (SAC) system has been specifically developed to prevent unauthorised use of aerial work platforms on job sites.

The company’s first generation system is already working in a number of rental fleets, including Nationwide Platforms, where it was the original system marketed under its SkySentry brand. Contractor BAM Nuttall has also fitted the system to its mobile crane fleet.

Kosran owner Patrick Sheeney is now looking to put his second generation SAC system into production, but is looking for an investor to help fund the tooling and launch, as well as helping maximise the commercial potential. He claims that the second generation Kosran SAC is the only technology on the market that provides remote control over both the aerial work platform and who can operate it.

The design and testing for the new system has apparently completed and it is now ready to go into production and/or for licensing to equipment manufacturers or their tier one suppliers. Sheeney has placed the new technology into a wholly owned licensing company and is seeking an investment of around £500,000 in exchange for 40 per cent of the equity.
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Kosran says its second generation system is fully developed and ready to go