More power line incidents

A linesman was electrocuted in Carleton,Michigan, southwest of Detroit, after he contacted a high tension power line while working from an aerial work platform.

George W. Ward, 54, had been a journeyman linesman for Detroit based DTE for seven years, when on June 14th he was preparing to work on a transformer, following a reported power outage. However he came into contact with a 13,200 vole high voltage power line and was badly burned.
George Ward

However he remained conscious at the scene, and appeared to have survived the incident, but died two days later on June 16.

In another incident a man trimming trees was shocked on Wednesday in Orlando, Florida, after he accidently touched a power line with his chain saw, while working from a self-propelled boom lift. He managed to get himself down to the ground and was taken to a trauma centre in a local hospital and was said to be in stable condition.
The boom lift used for tree trimming in Orlando


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