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Ikusi wins R&D award

Angel Iglesias S. A, (Ikusi) has been awarded the Príncipe Felipe prize for Business Excellence in the category of Innovation technology and was a finalist in the Príncipe Felipe prize for Business Competitiveness in the large company category. The awards will be presented by the Prince of Asturias at a ceremony in Madrid on December 12.

“In the words of the jury, Ikusi has won this award for, from its inception, having showed a firm commitment and allocating resources to Research and Development” The jury felt that “ Ikusi has a proven and consolidated company track record and a firm commitment to innovation technology. This has resulted in the transformation, from a small company to a large company and leader in its field.

In specific terms, the jury especially valued the innovative vision which allowed Ikusi to take advantage of the technological and commercial value of the development of the Digital Transparent Transmodulator, the original use was digital multi channel television.

The objective of the Príncipe Felipe Excellence awards (since 1993, the highest award in Spanish industry) is to recognise those companies that have made great efforts to improve their competitiveness and to encourage other companies to carry on working in the pursuit of business excellence.


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