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Is this a Death Wish ….or?

A reader thought he spotted a clear cut Death Wish while travelling in India last week but on closer inspection was less sure.
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Looks like a 'shoe in' for the Death Wish series

The window cleaner was spotted working half way up a high rise hotel building in New Dehli, standing on the window ledge having abseiled down from the top. When our correspondent zoomed in though he spotted that the man was wearing a full and appropriate harness and appeared to know what he was doing.
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Hmmm maybe its not quite as crazy as it looked?

In our correspondents own words: “I came across a worker cleaning the windows of a high rise hotel! It looks horrific at first but on closer inspection the window cleaner is wearing fall protection and connected to a suspended rope. Is this a safe way of working or one for your Death Wish series?”
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Looks as though he knows what he is doing

A lot depends of course on things that are not visible in the photo, such as procedures, rope anchor points and kit inspections, but our man certainly looks in control of the situation. Let us know what you think?


Eric L
Seems well equipped, he is double roped, and using correct looking gear. I don't see any real issue with it myself.

Dec 22, 2014