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600+ tonne Tadano

We have finally received a few basic details of the new Tadano flagship crane currently in development.

We understand that it will be a 600 to 650 tonne eight axle model with a radical new boom design.

The new crane which could be launched later this year, is currently on test in Pegnitz, 35 kilometers north of Tadano Faun's headquarters in Lauf. It features swing-out cruciform type outriggers of a similar design to those seen on the Demag AC500 with a curved shape for storing ‘over deck’ - not unlike the Liebherr LTM1750/LTM11200 and other modern cranes of this size.

The counterweight looks very much like that of the Tadano ATF 400G with side weights attacked high up either side of the boom pivot point. The boom however is not like anything else we have seen, with a relatively small boom section profile for the size of crane, supported by two massive external multi stage telescope cylinders – one either side of the boom, both of which incorporate pin locking mechanisms.
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The Tadano ATF600 on test

As far as we can tell the new boom has six or seven sections, and will be topped by a long luffing jib option. Tadano is not currently commenting on the new machine, which we had originally believed to be a 700 tonner. We have found some better pictures than the one that we have been sent, and are waiting for approval to use them . As soon as we receive that or more information we will update this news item.


A new megawing system ?

Feb 20, 2015