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New MEC60J

MEC unveiled its new 60ft 60J telescopic boom lift at The Rental Show yesterday.

The new lift has been designed, says the company, to be simpler and easier to transport than similar machines of the same working height. It employs a single stage over-centre riser that is hydraulically linked to the main boom, with the riser raising or lowing proportionally with the boom angle, shifting the boom pivot point forward as the main boom angle increases.

The longer riser and standard jib allows the machine to reach its full height with a two section boom eliminating the need for chain or cable extension. Total weight on the new machine is just over 8.1 tonnes, allowing two machines to fit on a trailer in the USA.

The company says that its lighter weight and simpler design allows it to bring the machine in at a price said to be a good 10 percent below current machines on the market, without compromising margins. NES Rentals claims to have agreed an exclusivity deal with MEC for 2015.
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The new MEC 60J

For more information on how this new machine stacks up against competitors see the next Cranes & Access magazine.


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