Another outrigger overturn

A five axle All Terrain crane overturned in Bautzen, Germany yesterday when the ground gave way under one of the outriggers.

The crane had driven up to a home that was being renovated and set up on the parking area without using mats. As the crane unloaded building materials, the front loaded outrigger punched thought the tarmac while the rear one sank into the ground causing the crane to overturn.
The front outrigger punched a clean hole through the tarmac

The boom glanced off a façade scaffold on which a man, was working. The operator managed to jump clear of the cab. Neither the operator, 47 nor the man on the scaffold, 58, were seriously hurt. The damage to the building was also marginal.
As the boom came down it struck a façade scaffold

Bautzen is located to the east of Dresden. Why such a large crane was working on such a small job, in an area that was almost certain to have ground bearing issues is a mystery.
The boom came down across an adjoining lawn


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