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New Dinolift SP boom

Dinolift has announced the new 66ft 220XSE fully self-propelled boom lift with 350kg platform capacity and light duty telehandler capability

This is the second self-propelled boom from the Finnish manufacturer, which joins the 53ft 185XTS, which has sold well in Northern Europe. The new heavy duty model is unusual with its extra large 1.3 x 2.4 metre platform which is also mounted on a set of forks - allowing it to be quickly removed, converting the machine into a remote controlled telehandler, with rotating forks.
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The new heavy duty Dino 220XSE has a three man platform

The platform is also deep enough to hold a standard pallet and features dual entry gates, one for the operator and the other - with a drop bar - for a pallet, adding to the machine’s versatility.

Features include 360 degree continuous slew, a full 180 degrees of platform rotation, 150 degrees of jib rotation and an ‘intelligent driving system’, which automatically switches the steer and drive controls, so that forward always means forward. A built in mechanical secondary guarding system also included.
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The platform is 1.3 metres deep and has a pallet gate as well as a regular entry point

The machine is relatively compact when stowed, with an overall width of just 2.33 metres, and an overall length of 8.15 metres, in spite of the fact that it has 400mm more platform depth. The downside, if there is one, is that the new boom weighs 11,500kgs.

Sales director Karin Nars said: “The Dino 220XSE is an innovative way to expand our boom lift range. The extra large basket size and capacity enable our customers to improve their productivity by longer working cycles. The customer gets a familiar, safe and easy-to-use Dino work platform but in addition with telehandler capabilities. This further increases the usability of the machine, it means you are getting two machines in one”.
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The Dino 220XSE can be quickly converted into a remote controlled 500kg telehander

Vertikal Comment

Dinolift’s new boom lift outperforms most of the 60/66ft competition in terms of offering a metre more working height, a metre more outreach, 120kg more platform capacity – a substantially larger platform, 150 degrees of jib articulation and compact stowed dimensions. The downside is that it is between 650kg and 2,000kg heavier than the average 60/66ft articulating boom lift, and a whopping five tonnes heavier than the Niftylift HR21! But then there is no magic in this world, with this outreach, platform size and capacity the extra weight is perhaps reassuring.

This is a well-positioned machine for a manufacturer that is looking to be a niche player in the global self-propelled boom lift market. It should prove very popular with a number of end users and with specialist rental companies that look to differentiate themselves. Look for it to sell particularly well in Germany and Sweden.

On balance this is an excellent second boom lift introduction from Dinolift.


I think it is good idea also and am not envious at all.
Just wish we all worked to the same rules.
There is one rule for Cranes and Manbaskets (Do not use until all other options are exhausted)
and another for Access Platforms (Yes it is ok to use as a forklift/crane/sheet cladder/lighting rig etc/etc)

Jul 7, 2015

Damian Schuler
DINO 220XSE - what a great idea! Only enviers could see downsides on this impressive new product from DINOLift. With 13,3 meters outreach with fully 350 kg, this machine does even more than ever expected in the rental business - even into 5° slopes! Once again: Congratulation to this heavy-duty Finnish masterpiece! We're lovin it... D. Schuler

Jul 7, 2015

As a crane hirer,and having been slated by the access world, for lifting persons in manbaskets(which incidently,seem to be safer than an access platform,judging by Vertikals' recent news stories)
I find it very frustrating that the access platforms of today are becoming increasingly more like lifting equipment.
As the ruling goes for crsnes and manbaskets(should only be used if no other equipment will do the job),the same should apply to access platforms.i.e. in the case of this story,a forklift telehandler should be used, hence making the fork attachment obsolete.

Jul 6, 2015