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Comansa launches new 21LC450

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa has launched a new 21LC450 flat top tower crane.

It has also increased the maximum capacities of various models in the LC2100 series as well as dropping the 12 tonne capacity 21LC400 and the 21LC550.

The new 21LC450 is an improvement on the 12 and 18 tonne 21LC400. Maximum capacity of has been increased to 20 and 25 tonnes, achieved by a change in hoist cable and trolley/hook assembly as well as a new slewing mechanism design, common to the 25 tonne 21LC550. Also most jib, counter-jib and tower sections of the 21LC450 are the same as the 21LC400 allowing companies to interchange sections as needed.
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Linden Comansa has launched a new 21LC450 flat top crane.

Comparing the 18 tonne 21LC400 and the 20 tonne 21LC450, the new crane can lift 10 tonnes on the jib tip at 50 metres, up from nine tonnes, while its maximum capacity has increased by seven tonnes. It has a capacity at the jib tip of 2,600 kg (2,860kg with PowerLift) and can take 25 tonnes to a radius of 20.6 metres on a 40 metre jib.

Improvements to the 21LC335, 21LC550 and 21LC660 include increasing maximum capacity from 18 to 20 tonnes. The 24 tonne 21LC550 has been upped to 25 tonnes. Similar to the 18 tonne cranes, these improvements are down to a newer and lighter trolley/hook assembly and change in hoist cable.

In addition, the 21LC550 hoist drum capacity has been increased from 640 to 720 metres with the standard 65 kW and from 1,450 to 1,580 metres with the optional 110 kW motor with high-capacity Lebus drum.
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Maximum capacity of the 21LC450 has been increased to 20 and 25 tonnes


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