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Ron Jackson retires

Access veteran and JLG product manager Ron Jackson is to retire next week after almost 35 years with JLG

Jackson joined JLG from the fork truck industry back in 1981 as a driver/demonstrator and has remained with the company through good times and not so good times. Currently a senior product manager with the company he is widely respected for his knowledge, experience and possibly more importantly his patience, consistency and good nature.
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Ron Jackson (R) looks on with disgust as a certain publisher checks out the secondary guarding on a JLG boom lift

Taking certain people up in a 185ft boom at a trade show can be one of the most trying but he always shows the same calm professionalism when under fire as when all is going well – until the slightest compromise on safety is hinted at – then a steely eyed, polite but firm look will tell anyone who even hints at doing such a thing that this is a no-go area. A similar reaction is likely if anyone tries to rush or take a short cut on anything that might be critical.

Ron Jackson will be greatly missed by his colleagues and by JLG as a company, his professionalism and passion for access equipment has infected many people over the years, as he progressed through the service department to sales and in recent years senior product manager for aerial work platforms. JLG product development and evolution has benefited over the years from his knowledge, most particularly in Europe, but also more widely.

Ron Jackson’s long term Scottish colleague Jim Thomas is leaving the company at the same time, both can be contacted on their usual email addresses until the end of the month.

Speaking of their departure JLG said: “Whilst we will miss the knowledge, enthusiasm and that wonderful Scottish sense of humour which Ron and Jim shared with us over many memorable years, we wish them both the very best for a long retirement. We would like to thank them both for the many years of exceptional and dedicated service – The bar has been set high for those who follow”.


It's the season for retirement announcements Ron !
Very best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement
We go back a long way , not a bad industry for us to have spent so much time in
You have always been Mr Professional, JLG and the industry will miss you
Good luck mate - Mike & Val

Dec 23, 2015

Thank you Ron for being the consistent voice for the European product development. Many of the global product changes are now in place because you never gave in. You drove them nuts on the late night calls and between you and me, ( both being very tall and a different accent) I am sure that our voice had an additional value for our customer and region that we represented. If passion was a commodity that had a monetary value, you would be a billionaire. If only the customers in your region knew how much you stretched out to represent their interests and make significant changes. I am honoured to have worked with you. regards from David Single. ( JLG retired )

Dec 22, 2015

Ron, had to take the opportunity to say how much you taught me when we worked together and to thank you for all the hard work and good humour you brought to us all in Amsterdam. The most genuine of people and a gentle giant. I too hope retirement treats you well.

Dec 22, 2015

Roger Wickens
Ron, have known you since Scott Greenham, Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush days, way back in 1981, you turned up driving a Ford D-series truck with a strange Jerr-Dan body on the back which you eventually sold to the Scott brothers but not the JLG boom you had come to demonstrate !
You have been a great guy to know, always on the ball with JLG product knowledge, great patience and honesty. Have a great retirement.

Dec 22, 2015