What’s in a name?

A story that we carried on our German site earlier this week has caused some mild amusement among our English speaking readers, due to the name of the rental company.

The story covered the clean up work that followed a major storm in Lower Saxony, which caused a considerable amount of damage, including a tree falling onto a house. The homeowner, thankfully uninjured, called on a local tree company to carry out the work.

The company sent a team along, complete with a veteran 25 metre Denka DK25 trailer lift for all the trimming and cutting work at height. The company is a loyal Denka buyer and recently invested in a new 18 metre DK18. The company’s name which caused the mirth? Holdorf based Andreas Wobbeler.
One assumes that the company’s Denka lifts do not ‘wobble’. Have a safe and pleasant weekend.
A Wobbeler Denka trailer lift helping clean up


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