Loyalty app software launch

Point of Rental Software has launched what it claims is the first Customer Rewards app in the rental industry as part of its 2016 update.

The app makes it easy for rental companies around the world to easily manage a customer loyalty programme.

A survey by the American Rental Association found that rewards programmes are among its top five sales and marketing recommendations for rental companies. Up to half of all professional renters particularly contractors and event planners base their rental decision on familiarity or customer service, with customer reward programmes helping build familiarity.

Point of Rental’s app allows rental companies to define the percentage of each type of income to reward the customer with. When a customer rents an item, rewards will automatically accrue in their account based on the defined parameters. The rewards can then be used on future rentals. It is also easy to set expiration dates. Reward accrual and expiration are automatically handled by the system, which will notify the counter person when rewards are available to be applied to the current contract.

The new app will be officially launched at the ARA Rental Show in Orlando in late February.


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