Crawler crane overturn captured on video

A crawler crane rigged with long boom and jib overturned on the construction site of the new police headquarters in St Petersburg, Florida yesterday, narrowly missing a number of men working below.

The crane, a Terex branded IHI, was lifting an electric scissor lift onto the upper floor of the building when it appears to have gone beyond its safe radius and lost stability. The scissor lift landed on the front of a parked telehandler, while the boom struck its rear end. The main contractor for the project is reported to be Ajax Building Corporation.
The overturned crane

The overturn was captured on Police Department surveillance cameras and shows those on the ground running for their lives as the boom came down. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident, although the crane operator was reported to have limped away from the crane after climbing out of his cab.

The scissor lift suffered less damage - at least on the surface - than you might expect


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