New Hiab recycling cranes

Hiab is launching the Jonsered 1250RZ and 1500RZ recycling cranes at the IAA exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

The 12 tonne/metre 1250RZ provides a maximum radius of 9.3 metres, and is a lighter weight, more compact model with a shorter boom, which can be fitted to smaller vehicles, including all Euro 6 trucks. The 13.8 tonne/metre 1500RZ has a radius of 9.5 metres. The new additions join a range of recycling cranes consisting of six models ranging from 10 to 16 tonne/metres.
Jonsered 1250RZ

Vice president of forestry and recycling cranes Hans Ekman said: “Working in the waste and recycling industry means taking on a lot of responsibilities. As a sustainable operation, our customers come under scrutiny and their end customer's expectations are high. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on developing a crane range that can endure heavy intense load cycles, long work hours with continuous operation and that can answer to our customers' needs for high performance, efficiency and sustainability in their operations.”

Product manager Toni Kymäläinen added: “The Jonsered 1250RZ is the perfect recycling crane for smaller trucks. It is strong, durable and speedy, but lighter in weight than other cranes in our range. Although it was principally designed with scrap metal and other heavy duty recycling applications in mind, it is supremely adaptable, and can also be used for handling materials such as sand, gravel and other bulky filling materials.”


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