Liebherr RTGs for Canada

Canadian port, Montreal Gateway Terminal Partnerships (MGT) has ordered 10 Liebherr electric rubber tyre gantry cranes.

The cranes, which have a maximum capacity of 40.6 tonnes, can handle six containers plus a truck lane wide whist stacking one over five high. The cranes will be delivered to both the Cast and Racine terminals next year, five for each terminal.
Liebherr electric rubber tyre gantry cranes

MGT chief executive Michael Fratianni said: “This important investment in energy efficient RTGs will significantly reduce carbon and nitrogen dioxide emissions, it is estimated that fuel consumption will drop by as much as 95 percent. This equipment upgrade programme is the most recent in a series of initiatives intended to improve productivity, boost customer service, and expand capacity in an environmentally responsible fashion.”

Liebherr Container Cranes sales and marketing manager Gerry Bunyan added: “With this purchase, both the Cast and Racine terminals can take advantage of the many environmental benefits that an ERTG can bring whilst continuing to enjoy the exceptional productivity and reliability that have always been an integral part of the Liebherr RTG. The substantial savings which result from running on electricity offer a quick return on investment, whilst the reduced maintenance costs and the high availability and productivity allow MGT to offer a premium service to their customers while benefiting from exceptionally low entire lifetime costs.”


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