Spanish ledge walkers

Spotted by a reader preparing to tee off on the third tee at La Torre golf resort, in Murcia, Spain - 50 minutes south of Alicante.
The view from the third tee at La Torre Golf Resort

A boom lift being used by two men working on one of the buildings of the five star resort, but rather than use the boom lift as intended - which appears to be a 33ft Haulotte HA120-PX from the fleet of rental company Montero – they preferred to climb out onto a narrow tile ledge without harnesses or anything to prevent them stepping back and falling.
The boom lift a 33ft Haulotte HA 120PX?

The boom has an articulated jib, allowing it to reach over the tile roof ledge to reach the top of the wall they are working on, and 180 degree platform rotation to get even closer, but no easier to climb out.
The two men found it easier to work outside of the platform

We frequently see poor working practices on five star premium resorts and hotels around the world – businesses that do well and should know better – imaging one of these two jokers falling in front of all the guests! Not exactly something you want to see while on vacation and looking to chill out.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series – Have a safe weekend or if you are celebrating four days of Easter - a safe long weekend.
The ledge is narrow, slopped and made of terracotta tiles


Clarification, definitely not a HA120PX.. More like an older HA15X

Apr 25, 2019