Fatal tower crane collapse

Four people were killed yesterday when the counter jib of a tower crane fell to the ground at a job site in the city of Yavne, to the south of Tel Aviv in central Israel.

The crane was either being erected or dismantled at the time, when the counter jib and counterweight broke away from the crane and fell to the ground, immediately killing three Chinese men that had been working on the crane. It is not sure if they were on the crane at the time and fell with the back mast, or were struck by falling counterweight slabs – or both. The jib remained in place supported by the mobile crane installing or dismantling the tower crane.
The scene some time after the emergency services had arrived

The fourth man described as a crane operator was left dangling in his harness at the end of a long lanyard, by the time rescuers reached him he was dead. Two other construction workers suffered minor injuries, possibly due to falling debris, and were treated at the scene.
The counter jib/back mast and counterweight fell to the ground

An Israeli police statement said: “A partial crane collapse took place at a construction site in Yavneh, numerous people were hit when pieces of the crane fell to the ground. We interviewed eight employees at the construction site and some will be questioned further under caution.” It added that the incident would also be referred to its joint investigation division with the Ministry of Labour, within the Lahav 433 National Crime Unit.

We will update this item if and when we learn more.


Michael Brown
More needless loss of life. Nobody can fully explain this one yet, we may never find out the truth. But as far as training goes what could be simpler that following the manufactures procedure for erecting & dismantling the crane? Can we guess that wasn't available, well even so they only got to contact the manufacture and explain what configuration the crane is in, but maybe lack of understanding - training & discipline were at fault. A changing attitude within the industry coupled with a do more for less structure implemented by companies & lower wages are all contributing factors in declining standards.

May 21, 2019

After the Google one which seems to have been caused by cutting corners surely on this one they did not attempt taking the back mast off with counterweight attached. Its sad that nothing seems to shock me anymore.Poor training all around the planet.

May 21, 2019
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