Mammoet expands Westdorpe

Mammoet has expanded its facility in Westdorpe, on the Netherlands' south west border with Belgium, adding new maintenance and office facilities.

Mammoet maintenance requirements were previously carried out at the company’s facility in Schiedam, a 190 mile round trip away, but with a new warehouse and team to oversee activities, regular maintenance can now be carried out onsite. The Westdorpe depot also services the company’s Belgian depots in Antwerp and Gent, and can now handle load testing up to 600 tonnes.
The upgraded Westdorpe location

Local manager Marlon Roels said: “We are very excited about the improved service these upgrades can offer our customers. Supporting our Antwerp and Gent facilities from a new central hub will transform our capabilities both here and in Belgium. All our equipment is subject to strict maintenance programs to ensure their safety and reliability. That’s part of our commitment to quality. Now fully operational, the upgraded Westdorpe facilities provide our customers greater access to our services even faster.”
[L-R] Daan Schalck of North Sea Port, Wouter van Noort of Mammoet and Jan Lagasse of North Sea Port at the opening ceremony


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