Tadano’s 100th birthday

Tadano has celebrated its 100th anniversary of its foundation on August 29th 1919, when Masuo Tadano left Takamatsu for Asahikawa, Hokkaido, to start a welding business that has evolved into one of the world's leading mobile crane manufacturers.
Tadano was established in Hokkaido in 1919 - Masuo Tadano is second from the left

The company built its first crane – the two tonne OC-2 truck crane – in 1955, followed by the five tonne telescopic truck mounted OC-5 two years later.
Tadano’s first crane the OC-2

You can learn more about Tadano’s long history by clicking here to see its 100th Anniversary page


I work with another crane manufacturer so probably should not be celebrating the achievements of a competitor but it would be churlish not to recognise Tadano's acheivement: I am particularly struck, reading their anniversary page, that they have chosen to publicly mark 2004 as the year that they started a 16,000 crane recall following a fatality and recognising their responsibility in this. An example to us all.

Sep 4, 2019