Suicidal boom use

Picked up by a reader, an incident which appears to have occurred in Mexico, showing the use of a boom lift, a list of bad or rather dangerous practices 'as long as your arm'. The posting includes a video to which we have added a link.

Where to begin? To start with, the team of four are too lazy to unload the battery electric articulated boom lift from the truck. Secondly there are three of them in the basket, one of them who looks on the hefty side, given that this is a Genie Z-45 electric the platform capacity is 227kg, so it is almost certainly overloaded.
Why bother unloading the boom lift?

Thirdly they are installing an overhead cable, alongside what looks like power lines.
Fourthly they are not wearing harnesses or lanyards, this one is a “double edged sword” – on the one hand it saves weight and further overloading the machine, but in the event of a catapult effect they will all be tossed out of the platform.
This is almost certainly an overload situation

It is hard to imagine that all four of those involved in this exercise were oblivious to the risks. Hopefully they survived the job.
Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Here is a link to the a video of the event on Linked in. Click here to see the video


Auld Yin
227kg 2 occupants on the manufacturers ID plate. Not sure on the age of machine but pretty sure if there's an overload fitted it has been defeated.

Sep 19, 2019
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