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New president for IPAF

Norty Turner of US based United Rentals has been named as the new president of IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) after Brad Boehler decided to step down, having recently left his role with Skyjack.
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Norty Turner

Turner was previously deputy president. The change was decided by the IPAF board earlier today when it met in Nice, France, and confirmed later in the day at the IPAF Council meeting ahead of the Europlatform conference. Karin Nars of Dinolift moves to the role of deputy president, while Karel Huijser of JLG becomes vice president.

IPAF interim chief executive Andy Studdert said: “We would like to thank Brad for all the work he has done and wish him well in his future career. We are pleased to welcome Norty, Karin and Karel into their new roles; IPAF will continue to promote the safe and effective use of powered access worldwide under the leadership of its updated presidential team.”
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Karin Nars

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Karel Huijser


The dude is back to the European scene!

Oct 3, 2019

Well, whether you like it or not, Norty is the first one in the peck-right hierarchy. Nothing wrong with that and in line with present IPAF rules. Question is whether it’s for the remaining period left by our great Brad, or a new 24months period. But then......also that is not so important. The main thing is that the IPAF board has a controlling function on behalf of the IPAF members who actually own the Federation.
What worries me more is who will be the final candidate for the position as IPAF MD (not CEO as that was a self pronounced title by the former MD and never officially accepted by the Board of Directors)
The new MD should therefor have full approval from the Board with only one goal: “full commitment to the members interests” and NO favoritism and/or back room politics!!
I think we have experienced enough of that over the past 15 years!! It’s time that members have the say within IPAF instead or individuals just serving their personal interest and network

Oct 2, 2019

Stop the Lunacy
So in retrospect, the US base AWP (mewp,sorry)industry loses again? IPAF-UK has seen fit to turn the (already floundering and in collapse)US based industry over to "Rental People" for direction vs "the manufacturing community" where direction is really provided? Really? Am I surprised? NO, not at all since for the US based AWP industry (where it ALL started) has always been looked at as the "bastard child of a bad family"

Let's review shall we: There is NO "across the board" Certification (Technical or Otherwise), NO "across the board" Certification Training Facilities, NO "across the board" Certification Technicians yet I'm supposed to be OK with that? Well guess what-I'm NOT!

For an industry that totally revolutionized construction as we know it, from ladders, scaffolding and kicker-boards 40 yrs ago, it sure has along way to got to be recognized for WHO and WHAT it is. The UK, AU, IRE, etc have LOLER programs the US does NOT. The UK, AU, IRE, etc have HSE laws in place the US does NOT. What the US has is ANSI A92 "volunteerism" ... and a toothless OSHA who, by the way does NOT make laws they ENFORCE law, and the AWP (mewp, sorry again) industry has NO laws at all so HOW is anything enforced? Now IPAF has seen fit to turn the US industry over to one of the BIG boys to run things ... well, we'll see where this goes.

This all leaves me speechless but it all does come down to ONE thing ...... follow the money! It's ALL about "the money"

Oct 2, 2019