Chinese production resumes?

The Corona virus is causing serious problems for many, if not most, Chinese crane and aerial lift manufacturers which remain closed or are struggling to resume production after the New Year holiday shut downs.

On Monday several manufacturers tried to reopen their facilities but were faced with serious challenges getting a sufficient number of employees into work, with staff prevented from travelling or quarantined in the areas where they or their families live.

We heard from one company today – Fronteq – with a message that says: “On Monday our factory resumed production and we are very happy that all our workers came back safe and healthy. Of course, we continue to take preventive measures as personal protection gear as well as regular disinfecting the facilities. Now we will go back to work and finish our customer orders.”
Production restarts?

Having said this, the accompanying photographs sent with the message suggests that the company is actually facing the same challenges as most other manufacturers, with only a very limited number of employees managing to make it into work. As you can see it hardly looks as though the plant has resumed full production.

We sincerely hope that this worrying situation will begin to ease up in the next week or two, in the meantime our thoughts are of course with those directly affected.


A fairly relaxed PPE regime... Why do we have to be different?

Feb 14, 2020

What all two ????

Feb 14, 2020
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