First three Snorkel 2100s

Canadian company Mortier en Trémie ABL has ordered the first 210ft Snorkel 2100SJ telescopic boom lifts, while UK sales and rental company Hire Safe Solutions has ordered the first two units outside of North America.
(L-R) Alcide Leblanc and Louis Leblanc of Mortier en Trémie ABL conclude the deal for the first Snorkel 2100SJ with Don Ahern

The 2100SJ features a five section boom, with a simplified, telescope system, topped by a 9.1 metre two section telescopic articulated jib, providing a maximum working height of 65.8 metres and up to 33.5 metres of outreach. The unrestricted platform capacity is 300kg, while the maximum capacity of 454kg can be achieved at up to almost 30 metres and a working height of 60.5 metres when the telescopic jib is retracted. Maximum drive height is 64 metres. See Snorkel breaks boom record.
Gerard Jennings of Hire Safe Solutions checks out the new mega boom

negotiations begin to get serious

The first unit has been ordered by a Canadian company, with units two and three reserved for Hire Safe Solutions. Gerard Jennings of Hire Safe Solutions spent half an hour or so being given an introduction to the new machines and its features and then immediately started talking about a deal for two machines, which was clearly concluded shortly thereafter.
A deal is done

Hire Safe operates from two locations - Leamington Spa and Newton-le-Willows near Haydock, and runs a fleet of around 400 units, including a good number of big heavy duty scissor lifts, and big booms.

The following video charts the design and construction of the new boom lift


Don Ahern should be hiding his face in shame, due to the way he is trying to scam Tanfield shareholders.

Mar 18, 2020
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